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How to engage on Instagram

Updated: May 31, 2021

“The only reason I can’t jump in and engage life is that I’ve told myself I can’t. Yet I can’t help wondering what would happen if I told myself I could?” ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Imagine you have just started your company and would like to share your content online for others to see. You start by posting a couple of pictures with catchy and clever captions that you think people will like.

But, for some reason no one is viewing your posts, no one has liked or followed. Do you start asking yourself why is my Instagram account not getting any recognition? Well, today we are here to show you the steps on how to engage properly on Instagram, in order to bring your business to life online!

Why is it important?

Engagement on social media aids you in having a wider reach to your audience. The more people you engage with the larger the number of people will be able to view your posts. With that being said engaged audiences are more likely to share your content with others if they found your posts useful in any way!

How to engage?

Now it’s time for the million-dollar question, how do I engage with others? We’re glad you asked!

Follow your hashtags!

First of all, you will need to get to know your audience, figure out what they like and what they look for in your business. That way you can follow certain hashtags which your target audience would most likely follow.

Get to know your audience!

· Another way to engage is to notice the people who liked your posts, visit their profile, familiarize yourself with who they are, and return the love on a couple of posts. Make this a daily routine, set a goal for yourself to keep engaging with people on a daily basis. A great way to track your progress is by checking the insights in your Instagram profile, keep a weekly track and see what works for you!

Schedule your posts!

This goes without saying, you need to schedule your posts and have at least three posts a week ready for your Instagram. Try creating memorable and sharable content that encourages people to show their friends, try making a catchy/funny caption or a creative picture/video.

Discover your best time to post!

Posting at the wrong time can seriously hinder the effectiveness of your engagement. We have discussed a few ways on how to engage, but simply posting at the right time when your audience is most active can be a quick and easy way to have an advantage in your engagement strategy. Spend some time monitoring your Instagram analytics to learn the best time to post for your audience.

Create a hook message!

· A common theme that most successful growing businesses have is that they try to turn their social media audience into customers, how can that be done, you might ask? Surprisingly it’s very simple. Make sure to create a short and exciting message telling people about the services of your company, and how this conversation can benefit the two of you. If you notice an Instagram user commenting and engaging frequently in your posts, then this is a good sign! Try shooting that person a private message and potentially create a new customer or collaborator!

So now with your newfound knowledge, we expect you to gain greater popularity on Instagram and find your way up to the top. The most important step that you should never forget is to not give up and stay consistent. Good luck!

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