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Shivani's Kitchen

Is there anyone who doesn't like Indian Food ?

Discussions on food and recipes  are the icebreaker when you come to a different country. And being an Indian it's often you end up talking about food and its spices. 

Most of the times, we end up answering which restaurant or best spices to use to cook our recipes. 

And that's how very early on I starting finding the best local option here. 


That's when we became a HUGE FAN of Shivani's Kitchen Spices. 

The Most Authentic Flavours which are so close to mom/home cooked food. 


Shivani's started with cooking classes and then spices which are are available on their website

Shivani's story was so inspiring to connect and promote. That's why I always wanted to contribute to her success story and we often connect to work collaboratively. 


And then CWB ( Centre for Women in Business ) - Women Welfare Fund came into the picture. And we got the opportunity to work with them for Amazon Web store Canada ( Fulfilled by Amazon ). 













  • Product and Market Research

  • Sign up on FBA and Web store set up

  • Keyword Optimization & SEO for products

  • Consultation + Training for Amazon

  • Marketing and Promotion




Implemented Integrated approach 

Many sellers are eager to take their successful local businesses to Amazon Canada  but aren’t sure how to do so without overcommitting their already limited resources. Shivani's Kitchen  had this certainty to sell on Amazon, to reach wider audience with FBA ( fulfilled by Amazon) services and take their business to next level. However, they needed support and advise in terms of shipping, Web store set , SEO services for the listing plus training on Marketing and Promotions and Inventory Management. 


What drove Shivani's Kitchen to start selling on Amazon?

"During Covid-19 How many times do you shop on Amazon in a week? Once you answer that you would know why we choose Amazon" - Shivani Dhamija - Owner of Shivani's Kitchen


Shivani's Kitchen Amazon .png

Words of Wisdom about selling on Amazon

"Amazon is a good partner I believe . While getting into retailers is very tough, but Amazon has no boundaries. While its important for every business to have their own website but you can simply not compete with the number of people on Amazon" 

Shivani Dhamija - Owner Of Shivani's Kitchen 


I believe it is a gamble if managed properly we will rock it. That's why we hire experts like Priyanka - DigiAccel Marketing 

Shivani Dhamija - Owner Of Shivani's Kitchen 

Need Help with How to Sell On Amazon

Set up for FBA, SEO Optimized Listing, Consultations or Trainings 

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