The Brandmakers

Five branding professionals have come together

to offer a jumpstart package for your business.



You get the expertise of a Graphic Designer, a Photographer, a Social Media Manager,
a Video Creator, and a Branded Items & Apparel Consultant all on your side, crafting a cohesive vision tailored to you.
Reap the benefits of our team in your corner, at one amazingly accessible rate.
You have one chance to make a first impression - we'll make sure you impress!
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Your headshot is your digital handshake.
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Jay Fisher is the headshot photographer for people who hate having their photo taken. With years of experience on both sides of the camera, he guides you past the fear, and into amazing images that showcase your unique personality.

Make it a strong one with a professional studio session and a stunning headshot that screams you, and shows everyone your brand.

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Video has become the MOST consumed form of media online. Now, more than ever, businesses are using professionally crafted Video assets to deliver their message to their audiences on web and social.

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Conduit Voice Media is a Digital Media Production Agency based out of Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia. We focus on creating cost-effective audio and video assets that engages and connects online audiences with our clients and their stories.

 Video Power Presence Pack 


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Social Media Content Creator Plan
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Promo Starter Pack
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This combination of branded apparel, business cards and branded pens provides your business with the items it needs to get your business immediately recognized by the right people. 


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People say “you should choose your words carefully”. The same applies to the visuals you choose to represent your business. Polished, professionally designed logos and a consistent graphic approach are critical assets for any successful business. To help small businesses get off to a good start, we offer three design packages that provide different levels of service and support.

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Grant Murray Design has been developing solid design solutions for businesses and government organizations for 30 years. After consulting with clients to discover their “why”, Grant takes clients through the development process to find the right solution for their unique situation. 

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