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Big celebrations to life's little moments

  "Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead" - Nelson Mandela


So May 2019, I still remember the day I first met Temi at a Sales Funnel course Organized by Lampss with Georges Hanna. I was given the opportunity to give  my first training/workshop on Facebook Ads with these amazing  entrepreneurs and Temi was one of them.. quite an interactive session I must say! 🙌🏻 It was definitely a great experience and I love that I got the opportunity to   share, learn and collaborate with the amazing bunch! 🤩 

After the session, It was raining and I was looking for someone to drop me to the nearest bus stop (Halifax Transit was my way to commute at the time) & generous Temi offered me a ride home.

  Till this day I really appreciate this act of generosity she portrayed, this can truly only happen in Halifax!

And just like that, it felt like a  typical scene of a Bollywood movie. I was quite in awe of her demeanour as we drove off. How light-hearted she was, sweet and generous (just like her cakes!). I was so starstruck that I forgot my umbrella in the car! Quite the experience!


Her journey was so Inspiring. From late night baking sessions with her mother in Nigeria, to becoming a multi-award winning baker who is spreading lots of sugary love around Halifax. Temi made me think, how someone can do it all? 

She is definitely a force to reckon with as she was working full time while running her successful business too! 

I personally always admired her story, brand and her content. 

 Her variety of flavours are chic and classic, just like Her!!

Since that encounter, we now have each other on social media and have gotten the chance to work together with Business Consulting Grant Initiative by BBI  for SEO, Social media strategy and Google My Business. 

Temi Bakes has stayed ahead of the curve to connect with  local customers online and understand the importance of digital marketing during these times. 

It is a Halifax-based dessert studio that creates Celebration cakes for birthdays, weddings and corporate events. 

Competition is quick!

To stay relevant, Brands like Temi Bakes keep innovating. She knew she needed to optimize her website to keep her presence on Google. 


We knew the solution was an Integrated Marketing Solution: 

FireShot Capture 1708 - Halifax Bakery -



Google My Business
Google Ads 



SEO audit 
Updating Squarespace website 
Meta Descriptions, Title Tags + atl text




Social media content creation and strategy,
Publishing Process




On Social media Consistency, Content and Google

"Priyanka of DigiAccel is very knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. 

Not only did she execute our digital marketing projects perfectly, she also did a great job of educating us on how to maintain the new systems that have been put in place.  "

Temi Ologbenla 

Owner & Head Cake Designer

Temi Bakes

Creating sweet memories in Halifax, NS

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