Ultimate Guide To Google My Business

Why is Google My Business So Important?

With numerous businesses in the market it is almost likely that your business could get swallowed in the mix and will not be as noticeable. Google My Business is literally the holy grail for any small business that wishes to engage with its customers online. Oh, it’s free too!

No matter what size your business is, the likelihood of a client searching up the services they need on google are quite high. That is why it is important to make sure that your profile is top notch. This could build clientele and even allow you to gain future loyal customers. So, as a small business you might want to create your profile now as this will increase your visibility with your future prospects.

The process may seem so tedious, however, it is important to understand how this tool is very valuable. A few local companies can testify their stories of how Google My Business has helped their company in one way or another. Peace By Chocolate used it as a way to get their story heard. Between the website visits, navigation and calls for hours of service, there is a 38% chance of clients potentially visiting the store or website and a 29% rate of a client actually purchasing your product. So in essence, you’re winning.

Remember, you get to do essentially anything you want to your account that you feel will increase visibility!

The steps below are a breakdown of the whole process required to create your profile and make it sleek. For businesses that already have an account, consider this as a way to review your current profile and update specific areas where need be.