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6 ways to turn social media fans into customers

Updated: May 31, 2021

"Don't use social media to impress people; use it to impact people." - Dave Willis

So, you started several social media accounts for your business, and you are starting to see a steady increase in followers and interactions with your company. That’s great to hear, but you have only scratched the surface. What if we told you, there is a way you can turn your social media fans into loyal customers?

Here are six tips for improving your social media game!

Directly message them

People follow you for a reason, so they'll be more open to direct sales deals than someone totally unfamiliar with your brand. Offers are welcome! If selling is your main social practice, you would lose people's interest. Followers, on the other hand, are a friendly group with a common curiosity about what you have to offer; failing to reach out to them is a big mistake. You are encouraged to reach out and engage.

Make your posts shoppable

Often we see people trying to encourage their audience into purchasing their items through their social media posts. This is a great method to influence your fans, if you decide to spend some extra time to come up with a creative, catchy caption for your posts or an attractive photo it can be worth your while.

Engage with your audience

You must post daily, respond to feedback, and communicate with your followers in general if you wish to convert them. After all, there's a reason it's called social media. You'll successfully cultivate their confidence and allegiance by being a consistent feature in their newsfeed, two aspects that go into making a deal. Be persistent with your posting to get things going. Engaging with your followers on a regular basis will also give you insight into what they're thinking and want, which you can use to adapt your campaign. You'll learn what fits well for them, raising the chances of converting.

Have a sense of humour

Many firms underestimate the value of getting ample contact with their target customers when it comes to social media marketing. The USP of social media is that it is collaborative with a human presence, rather than a one-way path for disseminating notices or announcements. Confident dialogue with target markets, sometimes during inconvenient times or through a business setback, crosses the confidence distance. A general rhetorical formal declaration won't go down well. Companies who target their customers with comedy and interesting photos/videos will experience increased sales.

Build a network

Building a network on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to make friends and show yourself as an authority in your field is known as a social sale. To begin, do some research on companies with which you'd like to do business and pay careful attention to who you'd like to interact with. Then, engage with certain individuals and begin establishing a friendship with them by sharing content and welcoming them to events.

Use ads on social media

Businesses will also use paid advertisements on social media sites to advertise their goods and services directly. For example, Facebook helps you to make exclusive coupons that can be purchased online or in-store. You may also create commercials that display your catalogue to a specific audience or advertise shop visits to people that live nearby. Instagram has features that are similar to those seen on Facebook.


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