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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Coronavirus is, by far, one of the biggest challenges our generation has faced, and its impacts will last in the years to come. It has definitely impacted countries all around the world.

A lot is affected and changed in our lives the way we connect, live, and work. From staying at home, homeschooling kids with online/ virtual classes, the whole family working remotely, attending virtual business and family events, changing buying patterns of buying and stocking essentials, opting home-cooked meals to online/ mobile shopping and surely a lot is yet to change.

However, Now more than ever we feel together and united during this time. All we all are in this together.

We mostly work with small and micro-businesses who have the drive to create a meaningful, passionate, and profitable business. This time is definitely difficult, confusing, overwhelming, and uncertain.

We Hear You, Feel you and With you!

At Digiaccel - we're working to make marketing efforts easy and less overwhelming. We know that as members of the communities you serve, businesses like yours may also be experiencing unexpected challenges, and we're committed to providing as much support as possible.

I know for small business challenges are different, must be worried that should we still post of social media? Should we still market ourselves?

So the answer is YES, of course, you should be there to connect, serve, and be compassionate towards your customers. As we all are in this together.

Here is a list of things you can do during these changing times for your business and marketing strategies.

We need to Stay Safe and Informed

Stay up to date by following credible, official sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and your local government health department so you can respond quickly to changes that could affect you or your customers.

Customize the look of your media by making it widescreen or small and easily align media inside your posts.

Don’t stop your Social media posting - Keep your Customers Informed.

4 Important points to keep in mind

  • Update the business operational hours may be to change hours, temporary closed or any changes to your products and services -- Only curbside pick-ups, Free Home Deliveries or any products not available at this moment.

  • Proactively share the important information via your social media pages, business profiles, emails or however you connect.

  • Don’t forget to post on social media about any changes in the product and services.

  • May includes the information about the measures that you are taking to make the product and services safe and how are you handling the customer inquiries

Adjust and focus on Digital Marketing Campaigns

As the situation evolves, with the shutdown or slow down, entrepreneurs are relying more than ever on digital strategies. The instant shift happened during this time for most of the businesses.

As people spend more time at home and online, now more than ever it is important to keep your digital presence active.

If you are wondering if you should run ads during this time or not, consider using Facebook ads, Instagram for business, Google ads or Linkedin ads to direct traffic to :

  • To your valuable and shareable content

  • To new and changed services and online products with free shipping

  • To Virtual webinars and events to go LIVE and to answer FAQs or give Virtual lessons or classes

  • To purchase of Gift cards and offers for future purchase or services

  • To communicate the information that you think is most relevant to them during this time, like changes to your offerings, inventory, or hours.

NOTE *Google Ads has built-in automated solutions that will help optimize your ad campaigns to show the right message to the right user, at the right time. To ensure your advertising is reflecting your business priorities, you may also want to update your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Don’t hesitate to edit your ads and show your customers your current offerings. Of course, if required, Adjust your budgets or pause any relevant ads

Focus on online events and offerings and stay connected with your customers

Connect with your customers through webinars, answering FAQs, providing value with the latest tips, training, and essential resources, and help your clients get the most out of your services in these times.

Help them rather than simply sell to them

We get that you have a company to run, and we are not suggesting that you start giving things away for free or risk your health to open up shop. What we are recommending is that you take a step back and think about your community while you’re running your company.

Maybe there is a way that what you offer could help people in this difficult time.

Marie Forleo shared 5 creative ways to sell and market - Must watch !!

Prepare a customer service plan.

In order to be responsive and transparent with your customers during this challenging moment, prepare for incoming questions and requests. Consider drafting templated responses for your emails or set up instant-reply messages with information you expect your customers will be looking for. Connect with your customers for free in real time using Instagram Direct messages , Messenger or setting up a WhatsApp Business profile .

Prepare a list of responses for questions your customers are likely to ask, and provide as much detail and reassurance as possible in your answers

Continue to adapt to new customer behavior

Customer behavior is changing with new regulations, so you may be wondering what your specific customers need from a business like yours right now. Consider asking them directly via your social media channels, or using tools like Google Trends and Google Alerts for insight into your local market or industry.

You may also be looking to shift some of your products or services online. Start by thinking about what value you offer to your customers. Are there ways for you to offer that value in a different format or online channel? For example:

  • A retailer with a brick and mortar shop might sell products online

  • A restaurant might offer online ordering for pickup and delivery

  • A personal trainer might begin virtual training sessions for clients

  • An artist might host a YouTube live stream to teach classes

If you do not have a website for your business, start by getting a domain and exploring options for building a website. Your website can be simple – just make sure you include key information about your business and how potential customers can contact you.

You can also consider starting a free YouTube channel for your business. You can create videos to introduce your business, showcase what’s great about your products or services, or teach customers how to do something new.

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