10 Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

In the climate we live in right now, social media is one of the most powerful tools of our generation. It is essential for every business to have a social media account. Now here’s the catch; what do you do with these accounts?

Being on different social media platforms is important, however, it is not simply about creating these accounts, rather it's all about whether or not your presence on social media is noticeable by customers. Having tons of followers is great, posting daily on social media is great too. As a business you should ask yourself these essential questions: Are my followers interacting with my posts? Are these posts useful to my followers? You may be posting a lot of content that followers may regard as junk.

Taking into account all these points, let's dive right into the essentials.


As I mentioned earlier, having a lot of followers is great, however, this is not always the best case scenario. Your page may have 2 000 + followers and only 10 of those followers actually care about the content you post. So essentially, you only have 10 followers. As a business you should be able to establish who your audience is. This will help you create content that is directed to the interests of your followers.

Every business, big or small, feels the pressure of having tons of followers. You may look at other businesses and wonder why you do not have as many followers and could be tempted to buy followers. These bought followers will not add any sort of value to your business as some of these accounts are fake profiles. However, if you focus on your audience and create content specifically directed to them, they will share your posts, invest in your business and spread awareness to your business and generate traffic for you.


Now that you have established your audience, make sure to try out different types of content. Keep it interesting! Try out anything that is trendy, fun and interesting. No one wants to read the same caption and boring content. Try and stay up to date with the trends, for example, reels are currently a great tool that is being used on Instagram. These short videos are reaching more clients than an ordinary post would.